UXPakistan: Design Hackathon

Hack for a Change!


The Challenge

The UX challenge will be provided to the participants, and will involve redesigning an experience for the community.

Want to work on a UX project that creates real impact? Join us for this fast-paced UX Design Hackathon at UXPakistan in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), and work on a real life problem where teams of designers, budding designers and entrepreneurial thinkers will spend a day redesigning a social problem or recreating an experience. You will combine skills in user research, ideation and rapid prototyping, and mentors from the UX community will be on-hand to help flesh out your ideas.

About The Event

Participants would form groups of up to 3 individuals maximum, take out their laptops, grab a pen and a paper and dive into problems. Training workshops would be conducting in parallel. Hacking is simply creative problem solving. It does not have to be about technology. Hack for a change!

Prize Money

1st Prize: 15,000 PKR

2nd Prize: 10,000 PKR

3rd Prize: 5,000 PKR

Who Should Attend?

You! Come along if you’re excited about problem-solving, you’re a motivated, sharp, and creative designer or technologist who believes that design can be a tool for positive change in the community. No experience necessary. Come with our without a team.

What Should I Expect?

  • Form teams, get briefed on the problem statement, and brainstorm a digital solution
  • Pick up some UX workshop from our mentors and learn skills
  • Put your new-found UX skills into practice and design a lo-fi prototype(sketches only)
  • Demo your prototype and present your recommendations for the chance to win prizes